Wadworth Brewery

"With CLEAN we get a five star service every time. They have added value across the board, and I cannot say just how great an impact this has had for our business" Denise Sheridan - Wadworth Brewery

From humble beginnings as a small, family-owned brewing company, Wadworth Brewery has grown to become a leading light of the industry and one of the largest breweries in the South of England.

Although famous for its award-winning beers and classic pubs, Wadworth is also a flourishing hotelier in its own right, with a growing portfolio of pubs and hotels across the South West.

Wadworth Brewery

Seeking simplicity

With the chain growing, key support services such as laundry were initially handled in-house or managed by a nearby independent provider. However, this inevitably led to inconsistencies between locations and, as a result, a considerable inflation of costs.

Denise Sheridan, Wadworth’s Food Audit Manager, was tasked with consolidating the supply chain for the hotels’ laundry. Denise could immediately see that things needed simplifying: “Whether laundry was handled in-house or by a local service provider, we found that no two hotels were the same - quality of service providers, products ordered, practices and processes all varied from location to location. With no conformity, it proved remarkably difficult to keep costs down and maintain a consistent standard.”

One of Wadworth’s pub hotels, had been using CLEAN's linen service for some time, and came highly recommended by the pub’s management team. Striving to achieve consolidation of the chain’s laundry services, Denise took the decision to appoint CLEAN for five additional pubs across the South West - a move, she said, which immediately paid dividends.

Denise said. “We were so pleased with the results that we added another three pubs to the contract shortly after.”

A perfect fit

According to Denise, the flexibility of CLEAN’s offering is what has made the company a ‘perfect fit’ for Wadworth. “At our lower-cost hotels we used CLEAN's standard offer, while for our premium hotels we upgraded to Egyptian cotton bedlinen with a higher ‘thread count’ and thicker, fluffier towelling, said Denise.

The option of a luxury range has been a major windfall for Wadworth - one that has, Denise believes, directly contributed to their hotel’s high ratings. “We use CLEAN’s range at all of our hotels that are rated 4 Star and above by Visit Britain, and the standard of the linen has been commented on by assessors on more than one occasion.

Above and beyond

“With CLEAN it feels like no matter what we need they will go above and beyond to accommodate our needs,” explained Denise. “They even took me on a tour of their facility so I could understand the remarkable detail that goes into their service. If we do have quality issues – which are, I must add, very rare – then I understand why they might happen, and can more effectively work with their team to solve the problem.“Put simply,” concludes Denise, “with CLEAN we get a five-star service every time. They have added value across the board, and I cannot say just how great an impact this has had on our business.”



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