Discover how Streamline linen management can save you time and money

Posted on 09-Jun-2016

In this video Edwardian Hotels London explain how our Streamline linen managment system has revolutionised hotel linen management.

Discover how Streamline linen management can save you time and money

Streamline allows customers to implement better stock control and linen room management processes. Streamline does this because it is less labour intensive. Housekeeping staff are not required to submit soiled counts. Streamline maintains an accurate ‘buffer’ stock at the customers’ property, helping to prevent under stocking. All housekeeping teams need do is submit a correct clean linen stock count once a week; which is easier, saves time and reduces administration. CLEAN calculates an order and delivery schedule for review and if necessary can adjust according to their any changes in expected occupancy. The result is more accurate and consistent deliveries and invoices, that reflect occupancy levels and provides a sufficient stock of linen at the property at all times.


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