Top tips for head-turning tableware for your next event

Posted on 16-Mar-2017

Whether it’s for a restaurant or special event, tableware gives F&B managers and event planners a multitude of options to set the scene and ensure guests feel the way you want them to feel when taking their seat.

Top tips for head-turning tableware for your next event

When people walk into a room, the space they enter influences how they behave. The use of lighting, colour, scent and texture can all contribute to how a space feels and can have a direct effect on the moods of guests. With spring right around the corner, there’s a whole host of events coming up that have event organisers, venues and hotels looking to their tableware supplier or linen cupboard for inspiration, so we’ve put together some top tips to consider before making a decision or placing an order.

Ensure your tableware is built to last

It’s not all about appearance when it comes to dressing a table, durability is also an important factor. F&B managers and event organisers who use a good linen rental service will be primarily concerned with appearance as the quality will generally have already been carefully considered by the supplier. The quality control systems we have in place here at CLEAN ensure customers receive high quality linen every time because we simply don’t stock items that we wouldn’t be happy with ourselves.

Make sure you match your linen with other aspects of your event before ordering

Request swatches of the fabrics you're considering so you can be sure it matches the overall theming and ambience before placing an order. Images on a website never do the colour or quality of the linen justice, so it’s best to get a physical feel for the products before you order them to ensure you’re completely happy. When picking colours for your tableware, draw inspiration from your chosen centrepieces, company branding or tie in with a topical theme or seasonal event.

Order your tableware products from the same supplier

Although products from different suppliers may look as if they match online, it’s best to find one supplier who can provide you with all the required items – tablecloths, napkins, table runners, chair covers, etc. – rather than ordering from separate businesses. This will ensure your look is consistent in quality, colour and that everything arrives on time and in one delivery.

Our Special Occasion Linen service provides a range of high quality coloured linen products to both business customers and individuals celebrating private events. We can provide everything you need for the temporary hire of coloured table linen, round tablecloths and napkins, as well as accessories such as chair covers, sashes and table runners. All items are processed at our dedicated, state-of-the-art laundry and every order is hand-picked ensuring guaranteed quality with every order.

If you’ve got an event coming up and you’d like to speak to our linen specialists then please give our friendly Special Occasion Linen team a call on 0800 652 2205.


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