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Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd

"The reason we have stayed with CLEAN is simple - they provide a great service and have understood our expectations from day one"

HUM Facilities Manager - Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd

Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd’s (HUM) production site in Swindon,Wiltshire is a large facility covering 1.5 million square metres.

The site’s three plants produce in excess of 100,000 vehicles per year for the European market.

Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd

A culture of excellence

Even more remarkable than its size, however, is the efficiency and competence with which the business is run - which is at least in part, down to the Japanese cultural values that permeate each and every aspect of the business. All the 4,600 employees, whether they work in the Plants, in administration or at company director level, wear exactly the same uniform. This is a pivotal part of the Honda culture that everyone is afforded the same respect, regardless of their role within the company.

To hold the position of sole provider of laundry services for HUM in Swindon for over 28 years, CLEAN has had to offer a competitive service, as well as continually demonstrate an attitude and work ethos that exceeds the mere provision of a service.

Always up to the challenge

While other large factories would see only workers in ‘dirty’ areas such as the factory floor using the service, HUM has all its employees wearing identical uniforms, which means that a huge quantity of items go through the laundry based in Cheltenham.

Integration and innovation

The ten-strong CLEAN team, based on-site at HUM in Swindon, essentially operate as an internal unit within HUM’s business. This not only allows the CLEAN team to provide a more responsive service, it has encouraged a level of integration and understanding that truly supports the business.

The Workwear team is constantly assessing what can be done to make their service more efficient. On the recommendation of the Workwear team, CLEAN invested considerable time and money in a state-of-the-art computer network to track and monitor all laundry going through the system. This has enabled HUM to have greater control over spend and stock levels on site.

CLEAN and the HUM Facilities Department work closely to tailor the service towards the changing needs of the business. More recently, and aided by the computer system, the CLEAN team has been working on improving the wash quality by segregating uniforms by specific areas of the plants – again, looking to save time and resource for HUM at every opportunity.

The best of partnerships

It is not just responding quickly and effectively to challenges, CLEAN review their own business processes to drive improvements and through innovation, enhance efficiencies at HUM. This is a true partnership where honesty and integrity is the hallmark of the relationship. It is a very fair way of operating and something that should be strived for in every business partnership.


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