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Finding the right bed linen for your hotel can play a big part in creating the right guest experience. We recognise that how a bed looks and feels is important for any hotel. Our buyers have travelled the globe to source the best linen products that are durable and hard wearing enough to withstand the rigors of the commercial laundry process and whatever hotel guests throw at them. All of our products have been tried and tested to ensure they stand up to the demands of a pool linen service, rooms can be quickly and efficiently made up by housekeepers, and most importantly will be appreciated by guests.

1. Thread Count

Many people are deceived into thinking that the higher the thread count, the better the bed linen. This is not always the case because different types of linen require different thread counts to produce the finished product. The term refers to the number of threads in one square inch; therefore as a general rule the higher the thread count the smoother the fabric.

130 thread count 200/250 thread count 300/350 thread count

2. Weight

Refers to the weight and density of fabric in grams per square meter (gsm) and is also a marker of its quality. The thickness of the actual thread is independent of the thread count. Thinner threads weigh lighter, thicker threads are heavier. Therefore be aware that a very high thread count means the fabric may not wear as well as the individual threads are thinner.


3. Fabric Composition

It’s important to consider what your fabric is made from as this affects the handle, durability and weight, which in turn bears upon its perceived luxuriousness for your guests.

Pure Cotton

100% cotton bed linen is renowned for its natural breathability and coolness making, it very comfortable to sleep in. At CLEAN our Oria sateen weave bed linen uses long staple cotton to create a fine yarn to produce, strong and soft cotton that is durable and long lasting.

100% Cotton Oria Bed Linen

Cotton Rich

Cotton Rich fabric usually refers to a polycotton made from a blend of durable polyester and soft cotton that offers guests considerable comfort at a competitive price. We offer a range of durable products from our Lucia 70% cotton 30% polyester range to our 80% cotton 20% polyester Isabella range both feel soft and smooth to the touch.

Isabella Bed Linen Lucia Bed Linen

4. Weave

The weave refers to how the fabric is constructed from the warp (horizontal thread) and weft (vertical thread), there are several ways in which a fabric can be woven.

Plain Weave
Plain Weave

Plain Weave

The simplest of all weaves, the warp (horizontal thread) and weft (vertical) are aligned in a crisscross pattern, overlapped to create a light, soft and comfortable finish.




Percale is much tighter than a plain weave, although the construction is the same where one thread is woven over, and one thread under. Made from high-quality combed cotton blend percale has a smooth silky texture and feel that is usually 180 thread count or above. The 'combing' removes the shorter, poor-quality staples to produce a fine smooth thread. The combed thread is then woven into a smooth and crisp cloth.




A sateen fabric (not to be confused with satin) is finer than a percale, it has a satin type finish because it is created and woven in a different way to produce a bed linen that has a higher thread count (because the threads are thinner). As a result it has qualities of exquisite smoothness, softness and silkiness.




A style of patterned weave fabric produced on the dobby loom consisting of small frequently repeated geometric designs. A dobby weave is used when making our microstripe, stripe or microcheck bed linen products.

Oria Microcheck Isabella Stripe Isabella Microstripe

5. Sizing

It’s important to consider what your fabric is made from as this affects the handle, durability and weight, which in turn bears upon its perceived luxuriousness for your guests.

Bed Sizes Standard v Non-Standard

Almost all pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers sold in the UK, whether by retailers or hired from laundries, are designed to fit UK bed sizes. However many hotels (especially groups) use nonstandard sizes therefore it is important that you are aware of and take into consideration the bed size and mattress (width and length). A clever trick is to go up a size as this makes the bed look fuller and gives the bed an ultra-plush look.

Size of bed Flat & fitted sheets to fit mattress Bag style duvet covers to fit duvet size...
Single 90 x 190cm 178 x 292cm 150cm x 245cm
Double 135 x 190cm 229 x 292cm 210cm x 245cm
Kingsize 150 x 200cm 274x292cm 240 x 245cm
Large Kingsize Not applicable 265 x 245cm
Super kingsize 180 x 200cm 300 x 292cm 290cm x 245cm
Pillowcases to fit pillow size...
Standard Bag Pillowcase: 53 x 91cm
Mock Oxford: 53 x 76cm (excluding border)
International bed sizing
Approximate equivalent sizing for non-UK mattresses:
UK Single = Twin
UK Double = Full
UK Kingsize = Queen
UK Super Kingsize = King

Fabric Shrinkage

Cotton is a natural material grown, harvested and turned into bales. Mills start with raw bales of cotton and process them to produce yarn (fibres twisted into threads used in weaving) then cloth (fabric or material constructed from weaving or knitting). When any product containing cotton is washed for the first time it will shrink. Typically a 100% cotton product will shrink 8-10% whereas cotton rich fabric will shrink less, around 5%. We allow for this natural shrinkage and all of CLEANs products are pre-washed before being dispatched for use by customers.

Things to consider when selecting the correct sheet size

What size are your hotels beds? Are they standard or nonstandard? It is important to also consider the depth of the mattress. In many hotel rooms the mattress will be at least 30cm deep so you must allow for this either size of the bed. Another consideration is whether your hotel has mattress toppers as these can add another 5cm to the mattress depth, sometime more. Hotels also need to allow for a good tuck-in to ensure they avoid a common problem; sheets coming off in the night. The minimum you should allow for tuck-in is 10cm either side, but 20cm is ideal.

Things to consider when selecting the correct duvet cover

What size are your duvets? Are they standard or nonstandard? Just like the beds and mattresses some hotel groups may use non-standard sizes. Trying to fit a duvet cover to a nonstandard, often larger duvet can result in added complexity for housekeepers, as it will make the task of changing the duvet cover more difficult and therefore take longer. We always recommend consulting with your laundry before placing an order for your filled duvets to ensure the bed linen you rent will fit. Here at CLEAN we work with a supplier of both bed linen and the filled duvet and pillow products to ensure pillowcases fit the pillows and duvet cases fit duvets.

Bed Linen Shrinkage
Bed Linen Shrinkage

6. Colour identification

We use industry standard colour identification threads to ensure that your housekeepers can quickly identify the items they are handling. Duvet covers feature a coloured identification tab whereas flat sheets feature a coloured selvedge.

Industry Standard Colour ID Thread
Single   Blue
Double   Red
Large duvet cover   Peach
King   Gold
Large King   Grey
Super King   Green

7. Duvet Covers

Due to their overwhelming popularity with hoteliers we only offer bag style duvet covers across all three product ranges. This is mainly because they are the easiest and quickest duvet covers to change, making them very popular among housekeepers and hotel owners alike.

Why hoteliers love bag style duvet covers

The end of a bag style duvet cover is open, but can be tucked under the mattress at the base of the bed creating a really plush, boxed-in appearance that prevents the filled duvet from slipping out. The fact the duvet cover is open is a huge bonus where speedy guest room changes are required, and many even come with hand holes which ensures the changeover is easier still. All housekeepers need to do is pass their hand through the duvet cover to grasp the duvet inside.


8. Pillows

Pillowcases allow the look of your bed to flow unbroken from head to foot making guest rooms even more appealing. Our pillowcases are both comfortable and functional as they protect the pillows from dust, dirt, stains and facial oils. We offer a variety pillowcase options for hotels.


Bag Pillowcases
Bag Pillowcases

The entrance to a bag style pillowcase is completely open; folding ends can be tucked in to ensure a neat and tidy finish. Bag style pillowcases are by far the most popular style in the hospitality sector. Partly due to the fact that a bag style pillow case offer flexibility as they will fit pillows of varying sizes. Many hotels also use this style as it allows for housekeepers to easily change the bedding because time is of the essence when preparing rooms for guests.

Mock Oxford

Mock Oxford Pillowcases
Mock Oxford Pillowcases

Mock Oxford pillowcases have a border round the edge, similar to a flap, for decorative purposes and are often used underneath the more standard bag pillowcase.

Mock Oxford with a festoon stitch

Within our Oria range not only do we offer a plain Mock Oxford style pillowcase with a border around the edge but we also offer Mock Oxford pillowcases with a single grey polished silver decorative festoon

Why you won’t find Housewife style pillowcases in hotel rooms

Housewife pillowcases are found in almost every domestic home but not in hotels. This is because it is very time consuming for housekeepers to change due to the envelope flap that the pillow tucks into. In addition a housewife pillowcase will only fit one size of pillow whereas a bag pillowcase will fit a range of different sized pillows.

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