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Whether they are spending a night or more at your establishment, you’ll want them to feel right at home with soft luxurious and absorbent towels and bath mats. At CLEAN our buyers travel the globe to source the best hotel towelling available. It is vital that hotel towelling is durable, hard wearing and withstands the rigors of the commercial laundry process whilst remaining wonderfully soft and sumptuous. Here is what you should consider when choosing towels and bath mats to hire for your guest rooms.


1. GSM

GSM refers to 'Grams per Square Metre' and indicates the density of the material used to construct the towel. The higher the GSM, the thicker and more absorbent the towel, as there will be more loops or longer loops present than those with a lower GSM. GSM is a term used by retailers and laundries alike as an indicator of how thick, absorbent and luxurious a towel will feel.

CLEAN has two ranges; Lucia is ideal for those hotels where everyday value is the requirement with 450gsm towels and 750gsm bath mats. Whereas our luxurious Isabella range consists of 600gsm towels and 900gsm bath mats our Oria range features 600gsm towels and 850gsm bath mats with a contemporary ribbed wave design; both are ideal for hotels offering a 4 or 5 Star service.

2. Material & Pile

100% Cotton

It is important that hospitality establishments provide guests with towels that feel both cosy and luxurious. That is why we only supply 100% pure cotton without any synthetic fibres. Cotton naturally attracts water and can hold almost 25 times its weight in liquid.


The pile is the raised surface or nap of a fabric, made of upright loops or strands of yarn. All our towels are made from 100% Ring Spun Cotton. This type of weave has two main advantages; strength and softness. You may also find open ended cotton used by some textile rental and laundry service suppliers. Open end cotton is much cheaper to produce and therefore we advise against using this material for hospitality standard towelling as it lacks durability.

3. Header Bars

Header bars serve two functions for hotel towelling; they allow for easy identification by housekeepers and add a decorative look.

We offer two header bar styles, the Lucia range offers a thin single or multiple mercerised dobby headers depending upon the size of the towel.

View our Lucia range

By contrast, all Isabella towels offer a single mercerised dobby header for an elegant unified look.

View our Isabella range

Hem Construction

All towelling supplied by CLEAN features double stitched hems. The double stitching is used to ensure that the towels are robust and avoids fraying or ‘hem-burst’ that can affect lower specification single stitched hems.

Hem Construction
Hem Construction


Mercerisation is a term that refers to a treatment process that increases lustre, strength, and reduces shrinkage. It is used to avoid puckering of the fabric. Cheaper lower specification towels may become gathered or wrinkled around the header bar.


4. Sizing

We provide customers with standard UK size towelling and bath mats.

Bath Mats

Bath Mats are used on bathroom floors to prevent slippery floors after guests have bathed or showered. They resemble bath towels but at 50cm wide x 85cm high are slightly smaller in size and are typically denser than towels, as they have a higher GSM, resulting in greater water absorbency.

Face Cloth

Face cloths are slightly smaller than a hand towels measuring 30cm x 30cm and therefore provide a cost effective option. Face cloths are only available in the Lucia range.

Hand Towel

Our soft, absorbent hand towels are ideal for guests to use to dry their hands or face. Available in two sizes either 50cm wide x 95cm high for Lucia and the higher specification Oria range or 50cm wide x 100cm high for the Isabella hand towel.

Bath Towel

Bath towels are often a popular choice for hospitality establishments where value is deciding factor when choosing which large towelling option to provide guests. Measuring 67cm wide x 130cm high Lucia bath towels are designed for maximum absorption and comfort whilst providing sufficient coverage for drying off.

Bath Sheet

Bath sheets are typically preferred by hospitality establishments as they provide guests with ample space and coverage for drying off. Bath sheets are larger both in terms of length and width than a bath towel. All three of  our towelling ranges feature bath sheets.

Face Cloth 30 x 90 Lucia
Hand Towel 50 x 95 Oria
Hand Towel 50 x 95 Lucia
Hand Towel 50 x 100 Isabella
Bath Towel 67 x 130 Lucia
Bath Sheet 100 x 165 Oria
Bath Sheet 100 x 165 Isabella
Bath Sheet 100 x 165 Lucia
Bath Mat 50 x 85 Oria
Bath Mat 50 x 85 Isabella
Bath Mat 50 x 85 Lucia
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