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Aerospace, Defensive & Security Workwear Laundry & Rental Service

Welcome to CLEAN, your trusted partner for premium workwear solutions tailored to the Aerospace, Defensive, and Security industries.

In Aerospace, Defensive & Security sectors, safety is paramount.

Our range of aerospace industrial workwear includes high-visibility garments, flame-retardant clothing, molten metal protection gear, anti-static apparel, and multi-protective clothing. Designed to withstand the rigours of aerospace manufacturing environments, our workwear ensures optimal protection without compromising comfort or mobility.

When wear and tear inevitably occurs, our rental and laundry service ensures a constant supply of appropriately repaired or replaced garments.

In Aerospace, Defensive & Security sectors, safety is paramount.

Why you should choose CLEAN for your Quarry & Aggregates Workwear Hire, Rental & Laundry Services

Compliance & Safety

Compliance & Safety

  • On-site risk assessments conducted at the start of the partnership

  • Unique wash cycles for each garment, ensuring they continue to protect wearers wash after wash

  • Flame-resistant protection to BS EN ISO 11612 and BS EN ISO 11611 standards

  • Anti-static garments conforming BS EN 1149-3:2004

  • Molten metal protection ensuring EN ISO 11612 and BS EN ISO 11611 compliance.

Customisable Range

Customisable Range

  • Add embroidered logos, job titles and employee names

  • Adapt the design of the garments to suit your bespoke requirements and perfectly reflect your brand

  • A single workwear supplier for your entire workforce, from 5 to 5000 employees

  • Fitting service to ensure the perfect fit for every employee



  • Reliable collection and delivery of each garmen

  • Barcoding ensures garments stay personal to wearer

  • Personal locker valet service available to easily distribute workwear to employees

  • Dedicated Account Manager and service team

  • Seamlessly co-ordinated across single or multi-site businesses

Explore our Aerospace Workwear Range

At CLEAN, we understand the importance of quality workwear in ensuring the safety and well-being of your workforce. Trust us to provide reliable, industry-specific solutions that meet the highest standards of performance and compliance.

Aerospace Manufacturing Workwear

Aerospace Manufacturing Workwear

CLEAN offers manufacturing options for aerospace & aviation workwear with molten protection. When working in high-risk environments it’s crucial clothing meets industry standards. We ensure manufacturing workers remain protected by providing workwear that will shield them against molten metal splashes.

Aircraft Engineering Workwear

Aircraft Engineering Workwear

For your aerospace employees working hands-on with aircraft, CLEAN offers rental & cleaning services for robust and durable aircraft engineering workwear. Our solutions are flame-retardant, designed for performance, protecting employees from workplace hazards.

Airport Grounds Support Workwear

Airport Grounds Support Workwear

If you employ airport grounds support workings, visibility and garments with protective properties are a must-have. CLEAN provides rental & cleaning services for High Visibility & multi-protective aviation grounds support workwear with RIS-3279-TOM accreditation. This enables grounds workers to remain seen & stay safe.

Why rent rather than buy?

Choosing to rent rather than buy your workwear can provide a number of key benefits:

Avoid upfront costs: Costs are spread over the length of the contract, therefore eliminating the need for huge outlay on garments at the start.

Standards: Certified workwear that protects employees and always fulfills the latest standards.

Hygienic: Garments are laundered to be hygienically clean and thermally disinfected to ensure they are both safe and clean.

Protective qualities maintained: In hazardous environments, ensuring that each garment continues to protect your workforce is vital. Each garment goes through a unique wash cycle to maintain its protective qualities whilst our managed service will repair or replace garments when necessary.

Staff productivity: Minimise the risk of productivity losses if your workwear model fails.

A guide to getting up and running with our workwear service

CLEAN is more than a workwear provider; we’re a partner. In this video, we take a closer step-by-step look at how our full service workwear laundry services work. Once you’ve agreed to partner with us, the supply and setup process is quick and easy, you’ll be ready to go in no time.

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