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The teams in our laundries perform the important task of laundering linen, towelling, and workwear garments to the highest standard. The people working in our laundries sort, wash, dry and finish the textiles before they are packed, and orders are prepared for delivery to customers. Working in our laundries offers individuals an inclusive environment where they are respected and treated equally by their managers. We’re seeking driven people with the ambition to grow within our company. We’d love to talk to you about how you can fit into our team of diverse individuals and how your hard work will be rewarded with competitive pay, benefits, and ongoing career development.

Be part of our team

An Opportunity for You

If this is a job opportunity for you, please complete the application form to register your interest. You will be contacted by one of our managers asking for more information from you.

What the work involves

Although there are many tasks to be performed most of our colleagues choose to specialise and work in a particular area of the laundry.
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While working in production for CLEAN, you’ll be expected to carry out some or all of the following:

  • Assisting with the unloading of company vehicles

  • Moving packs of linen, towelling and full laundry cages

  • Sorting dirty linen or garments in the sorting area

  • Operating the washing/ironing machines

  • Feeding linen through an ironer, towel folder or other garment processing machines

  • Taking linen off the end of the production process, adopting quality control procedures

  • Packing finished goods and preparing customer orders

  • Ensuring the efficient and smooth running of the production area and achieving productivity targets

  • Maintaining high standards and keeping all production areas clean and tidy

  • Helping with other general duties within the production area

  • Following Health and Safety policy and procedures to ensure you and your colleagues go home healthy everyday

  • A full induction and training will be provided as well as uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE)

Current Production Operatives Job Vacancies

Job Title Site(s) Contact
Production Operatives Yeovil Details
Production Operatives Nottingham Details

What do you need to join our team of laundry Production Operatives?

No previous experience is necessary. What is needed is energy, friendliness, and a positive attitude. In addition to these personal qualities, we require:

  • You have the ability to receive written and oral instruction and communicate with colleagues in English

  • You are aged 18 or over to meet with Health & Safety regulations

  • You are eligibility to work in the UK

  • A flexible approach to your work and a positive can-do attitude

Benefits for our laundry workers

  • Competitive salary

  • Thorough onboarding and training programme

  • Employee Assistance Programme

  • Company Pension Scheme

  • Life Assurance

  • Recommend a Friend Bonus Scheme

  • Uniform and protective equipment provided

  • Appropriate pathways for future career development opportunities

Grow with CLEAN

At CLEAN, we place great value on our employees and our goal is to attract, retain and develop the best people for our company. We’re seeking driven people with the ambition to grow within our company. There are plenty of opportunities for development that will allow your career to flourish within CLEAN. Many of our senior managers started their career journey with CLEAN in the production team. We offer progression for our Production Operatives to move into a Key Operative role and then move up again to a Team Leader position if this is something you are eager to do. A career with us means being part of the Alsco family, a global organisation with a clear vision and strong, shared values. We’ll give you everything you need to do a great job, and your contributions will be properly recognised, highly valued and well rewarded.


Kasia started as a Production Operative and is now a Production Manager


Lucian started as a Driver and is now Transport Manager

Start your career with CLEAN

The greatest aspect of working at CLEAN is the opportunity we offer our people to learn, grow and contribute. We’ll enable you to learn and develop through both formal training and informal mentoring. You’ll be part of a team that will support your progress and encourage you to think in new ways. In turn, you’ll help the people around you discover their talents and abilities. Watch the videos below to see how your career with CLEAN can flourish.

Josh Drummond

Mandip Kumara and Rani Juttla

Marcin Dwaczak

Ana Da Costa

A little more detail about the work involved

People working in our laundries perform a wide range of tasks and specialisms. The work can be physical and we require that our Production Operatives must be able to move loaded or empty laundry bags, cages, carts/bins within the production area. At times you will be standing, walking, reaching, pushing, pulling and lifting. Although our laundries are kept clean and tidy, it is also worth noting that the production areas of a typical industrial laundry facility, include variations in temperature, odours, humidity, lint, and some dust.


We have vehicles being unloaded throughout the day, the dirty linen mostly arrives back to us in laundry cages that must be moved to a holding area or unloaded onto conveyors to transport the textiles to the sorting area.

DSC02247 web

MWP1666 web


Sorting the linen, towelling or garments by type is one of the most important parts of the process as it groups the material together by item type and/or size. This ensures that the correct wash programme and process is applied. People working in this area must be able to recognise colours, patterns and sizes, and sort accurately.


We have two types of washers; tunnel washers that process continually and washer extractors that wash in batches. The tunnel washer process is fully automated, whereas the washer extractors are not dissimilar to domestic machines as they must be operated, loaded, and unloaded manually.

Clean Yeovil D1 00038 web

Clean Yeovil D1 00059 web

Drying, Ironing & Folding

We use large industrial dryers to extract more of the water after the washing process. Depending upon whether it is a towelling product, bed linen or a workwear garments the item will either be dried completely or most of the moisture removed ready for finishing or ironing.

Ironing (Pillowcase and Napkins)

Small items are processed on specialist machines operated by 4-6 people feeding the items into the machine, the machine then irons and folds the items before presenting them to operators who will group the items into packs before placing finished product onto conveyors.

4 Q5 A7780 web

4 Q5 A4432 web

Ironing (Sheets and Duvet Covers)

The larger items are fed by 2 to 4 people into ironing machines that iron, fold, group and stack the bed linen, operators at the other end of the machine check for quality and place the finished product onto conveyors.

Quality Control

Throughout the process, our operators will be checking the quality of the items processed. Any rips, stains or defects are classified according to whether they need further treatment or to be removed altogether and sent away to be recycled.

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In the packing area customer orders are assembled according to type and written packing instructions. The orders are placed in bags and / or laundry cages ready to be loaded.


Once the orders are ready for dispatch you may be required to help load cages or bags on to our fleet of modern vehicles.

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Winner of The Green Apple Award Winner of ‘Most Innovative Company’ 2017 at the Laundry And Drycleaning Awards (LADAs) recognising companies, individuals, services and products that showcase a new level of customer service and professionalism within the industry. Awarded the ‘Sustainable Supplier’ title at the 2017 Footprint Awards; recognising organisations at every stage in the food supply chain from growers, producers, manufacturers and distributors, through to all hospitality and foodservice operators in both public and private sectors, their suppliers and other stakeholders. CLEAN has joined the list of inspirational British companies to feature as a 2016 finalist in the Amazon Growing Business Awards 2016: shortlist in the 'Company of the Year – Larger Firm category'. Winner of ‘Commercial Laundry of the Year’ 2016 at the Laundry And Drycleaning Awards (LADAs) recognising companies, individuals, services and products that showcase a new level of customer service and professionalism within the industry.