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Table Linen Rental Product Buying Guide

Whether you are a caterer, hotel or venue, how the dining areas of your establishment look greatly influences the overall impression and character of a room.


Having the right table linen plays a big part in creating the right experience; find out what you should consider when choosing table linen from a rental provider.

Table Cloths

Table cloths are the essential foundation to any table setting. They can change the ambience and feel of your dining space while also offering protection for your tables. We offer a range of table cloths in classic white, ivory and black colours.


The primary use and function for a napkin is to protect against stains caused by spillages and to keep fingers and mouths clean during a meal. However, they can also be used to create the perfect finishing touch to a luxury table setting.

Coloured Table Linen

Our Special Occasion Linen service is ideal for commercial event, wedding or private functions. This special service covers everything you need for the temporary hire of coloured table linen, round tablecloths, napkins and accessories such as chair covers, sashes and table runners.

4 buying considerations for table linen rental


1. Thread Count

Many people are deceived into thinking that the higher the thread count, the better the table linen. This is not always the case because different types of table linen require different thread counts to produce the finished product. The term refers to the number of threads in one square inch; therefore as a general rule the higher the thread count the smoother the fabric.

2. Material

100% Cotton

Perfect for those venues and caterers who are looking for an elegant appearance with a classic feel and is luxurious, absorbent and cool to the touch. Made from 100% mercerised cotton our Isabella table linen also features an elegant satin band design. The mercerisation treatment process increases lustre, strength, and reduces shrinkage.


Modern day polyester table linen has been developed to be soft and absorbent with a cotton like feel. It is often chosen by hospitality establishments because it doesn’t absorb spills to the same extent as cotton whilst possessing a high level of wrinkle, stain, shirk and pill resistance


3. Design Appearance

Satin Band

Our white Isabella table linen features an elegant satin band design to lift the tone of any meal setting and leave a lasting impression on your diners.

View our Isabella range

Plain Design

Our white, black or ivory Lucia table linen is one of our most popular options as its classic plain design provides a subtle base colour to any table setting, allowing establishments to dress tables to their best by adding table accessories.

View our Lucia range

4. Sizing

Knowing what size restaurant linens to order can prove to be a difficult decision. The key to deciding which size table cloths to order is to know the length of drop you would like from the top of the table. Most tables are 30” off the floor and drop measurements are calculated from table edge down.

Therefore a number of differing drop lengths are achievable:

  •  The standard drop is 8” from the table edge or 22” from the floor
  •  10” – 12” drop or 20” - 18” from the floor will reach lap level
  •  15” drop or 15” from the floor is recommended banquet tables
  •  29” or 30” drop will reach the floor

Round Table Sizing Guide

Square Table Sizing Guide

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