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Durston Tools

"Changing our workwear uniforms supplier to CLEAN has been excellent for our engineers. They offer an outstanding services."

Matthew Durston (Director) - Durston Tools

CLEAN proudly supply Durston Tools with a weekly uniform service consisting of durable polycotton workwear Jackets, Trousers and coverall boilersuits for its employees. Learn more about Durston Tools and how CLEAN’s flexible service provided a smooth transition from their previous supplier.

Durston Tools

Durston Tools is the world’s #1 manufacturer of rolling mills and tools for the jewellery industry. Rolling mills are used to feed metal through a hand-wound or motorised mill to compress the material into a malleable form in the manufacture of jewellery. The renowned precision and durability of each mill produced by Durston Tools is thanks to the skilled team of diligent engineers who work for the company.

Over the years, Durston tools has won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise on two separate occasions. An exclusive award given to a select few companies each year to recognise innovation and success in international trade.

From humble beginnings to an international success

Spearheaded by Matthew Durston, this family business was founded in 1961. More than 60 years later, the company has grown considerably and now boasts a wide range of clients from multi-nationals to local jewellery stores.

Durston rolling mills and tools can be found in jewellery schools, jewellery manufacturers, professional designer/maker workshops as well as hobbyist studios all over the world. Their products are available in over 50 countries, and they work with over 250 of the best jewellery industry dealerships around the world.

A responsible employer

As a responsible employer, Durston tools have a duty of care to provide all their employees with uniforms that are hygienically clean, durable, hardwearing and comfortable to wear throughout the day. After facing several challenges, Matthew Durston was looking for a company to provide Durston Tools with quality garments which meet the highest standards and are delivered on a reliable, dependable schedule.

The Challenge

Like many manufacturing companies, Durston Tools closes its production facility for a few weeks each year. They were faced with a challenge of finding a supplier who would offer flexibility and accommodate their annual operating schedule within the commercial agreement.

Faced with unreasonable price increases and poor communication, Matthew Durston contacted CLEAN to enquire about our workwear supply service with a view to finding a better solution.

After a period of poor or unacceptable service from a previous provider, it is reasonable for a company to be nervous about changing their supplier. Customers often express anxiety about the need for a smooth transition and installation of a new service provider, as company’s greatly rely on their workwear service and need a level of service and reliability that the business can thrive on.

The Solution

CLEAN took the time to clearly understand the workwear requirements for Durston Tools. Our workwear audit found that, although the garments used would need to be able to endure the rigours of manufacturing the company's products, they would not need special protective qualities such as being fire retardant. Our representative's specialist industrial garment knowledge, assured Matthew Durston that CLEAN were the professional supplier he had been looking for.

The proposed pricing structure presented by CLEAN gave Matthew Durston the peace of mind that his business would not be subjected to unnecessary service charges when the businesses production was not operational. CLEAN’s flexible approach to our customers’ needs provides a solid foundation on which to build a long-standing relationship.

Onboarding the right way

Matthew Durston was refreshingly surprised by the level of consistent and clear communication from CLEAN regarding the transition to our workwear supply service. Once the initial contract was in place, our onboarding and installations team provided a schedule and regular communications to guide Matthew and his employees along each step of the way. The team at Durston Tools were reassured to know they had a team of people dedicated to ensuring the service was set up and started on the firmest footing possible. Not only that, but knowing help was just a phone call away if there were any questions afforded an extra level of confidence. Once the new service was established and settled, a dedicated account manager was assigned to provide ongoing help and support throughout the duration of the contract.

The Result – a trusted service

The engineers at Durston Tools are now dressed in the appropriate uniforms that enhance productivity, performance and brand image to allow them to look and feel smarter, while working comfortably throughout the day. CLEAN’s rental service collects and delivers the hygienically cleaned industrial manufacturing jackets, trousers and coverall boilersuits on a regular, dependable schedule. CLEAN provide clear communication to Matthew Durston and his team regarding their workwear supply.

We are proud to have Durston Tools as part of our family and we look forward to a long, prosperous relationship together.

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