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CLEAN joins the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT)

Posted on Jul 24, 2023

As a vital service provider to the automotive industry, CLEAN has reaffirmed its commitment by becoming an Associate Member of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

CLEAN joins the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) - News - CLEAN Services

Specialising in supplying uniforms and protective garments with laundry services to the UK motor trade, CLEAN is among the esteemed organisations that play a pivotal role in supporting and enhancing the automotive sector's workforce.

CLEAN has built a reputation for its exceptional workwear solutions tailored to the specific needs of the motor trade industry. CLEAN's comprehensive range of workwear ensures that automotive professionals are equipped with high-quality garments that promote safety, professionalism, and comfort. Our workwear is perfect for every role in the automotive industry including production operatives, assembly technicians, engineers, production line managers, technicians and aftersales mechanics.

The SMMT, founded over a century ago, is the leading trade association for the British automotive industry. It represents a diverse group of manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers united in their commitment to driving innovation, sustainability, and growth within the sector. As an Associate Member, CLEAN gains unique opportunities to contribute to the automotive industry's success and expand its reach within this dynamic market.

One of the primary advantages of being an Associate Member is the exposure to a vast network of industry stakeholders. By connecting with other members of the SMMT, CLEAN hopes to establish valuable partnerships, explore new business prospects, and gain insights into emerging trends that impact the motor trade. This association will enable the company's logistics and delivery operation to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that our workwear offerings remain relevant and in demand.

Moreover, as an SMMT Associate Member, CLEAN can access critical resources and expertise related to industry standards and regulations. The automotive sector requires strict compliance with health and safety guidelines, and proper workwear plays a significant role in meeting these requirements. The SMMT provides invaluable guidance and updates on safety protocols, helping the company tailor its workwear offerings to meet the highest industry standards.

Furthermore, the SMMT hosts various events and conferences that facilitate networking and knowledge-sharing among members. Workwear Laundry Services Ltd. can participate in these events, allowing them to showcase their latest workwear innovations and services to a targeted audience of automotive industry professionals. These opportunities foster brand visibility and reinforce the company's position as a reliable partner in the motor trade.

CLEAN's Associate Membership of The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders marks a significant move for the company. Our track record and a strong commitment to supplying high-quality workwear to the UK motor trade, the company's association with the SMMT opens new possibilities for growth, collaboration, and industry recognition. CLEAN’s efforts to maintain a high standard of workwear supply, continue to advance the automotive sector by ensuring its workforce remains well-equipped, safe, and professional at all times.

To learn more about CLEAN and the services provided to the automotive industry, please visit our automotive workwear. You can also keep up to date with all the latest CLEAN news by following updates on LinkedIn

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