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CLEAN Launches Customer Service Portal

Posted on Jul 16, 2018

CLEAN is offering its hospitality linen customers the opportunity to access and manage account information through a new Customer Service Portal.

CLEAN Launches Customer Service Portal - News - CLEAN Services

In its first release, the Customer Service Portal allows customers to enter their Streamline stock counts of linen and towelling stored at their premises and view their delivery schedule for the next 7 days. The Customer Service Portal will be the place where CLEAN customers can access all their account specific information safely and securely. The place where all customer information is stored allowing them to access it quickly and easily whenever and wherever they want.

Right now, customers can:

  • Enter their weekly Streamline Linen Count
  • View their delivery schedule

In the future they will be able to:

  • View and review spend history, by viewing and printing invoices
  • View and review management information, on delivered quantities and stock rotation
  • Review the progress of customer support cases

I’m a CLEAN customer, how do I set up an account?

Simply call your CLEAN Customer Service Centre and ask for your Customer Service Portal account to be set up and we’ll do the rest. To help guide you, we will issue you with portal user guide and posters to show you how to enter your Streamline count.

Why you should be on Streamline

Under the old ‘Regular / Soiled Exchange System’ hotels must count linen before it leaves the hotel. The soiled linen count figures are sent to the laundry daily to calculate the amount of linen the hotel needs to order. The old ‘Regular / Soiled Exchange System’ has proved to be inefficient in terms of the time it takes and inaccuracies in stock ordering.

Streamline helps hotels manage their linen stock levels, even out delivery peaks, minimise short deliveries and reduce the amount of time the hotel spends counting linen. Having this level of control has helped Hotel Managers save money by ensuring they are not overstocking and spending unnecessarily, making it easier for them to meet their financial KPI’s.

Streamline has enabled housekeepers to re-gain valuable management time that was previously spent resolving linen-related issues; a knock-on effect has been cleaner and tidier linen rooms. Under the old ‘Regular / Soiled Exchange System’ these rooms are usually over-stocked with unintentionally hoarded linen.

How Streamline works

Streamline works on the principle of supplying linen on a managed basis to minimise housekeeping effort. This is how we do it:

  • Once a week, you submit a count of all your clean stock, there’s no need to submit daily soiled counts ever again
  • You receive a delivery schedule based upon the figures you have submitted, you review the schedule and if necessary amend in line with anticipated occupancy levels
  • You receive linen in agreed managed quantities - calculated to ensure they are in line with recent usage and your current linen room stock

If you’d like to know more about Streamline or the customer portal call your CLEAN Customer Service Centre.

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