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Pool Linen Services offer extensive benefits to the hotel sector

Posted on Jan 25, 2015

The Textile Service Association (TSA) research has confirmed that the quality of linen provided actually influences the choice of hotel, and that guests are prepared to pay more for quality.

Bed linen plays a vital role in the impression a hotel makes on it guests and there is no doubt that laundry is an important function for hotels. Unfortunately however this service is not always given the priority and focus it deserves. Laundry quality shapes the guest’s impression, and laundry costs and laundry management impact a hotel’s bottom line and its operational efficiencies. Striking the correct balance between the two is crucial, and a pool linen service is a major factor in achieving this balance.

Pool Linen Services offer extensive benefits to the hotel sector - News - CLEAN Services

There are two primary alternatives to a pool service. The first is a dedicated linen service whereby the laundry service provider purchases the linen and launders it exclusively for the customer/hotel. The second is whereby the hotel purchase their own linen and either launders it themselves, using an ‘on premises’ laundry or it is laundered by the laundry company. Whether it is ‘dedicated’ or ‘customer owned’ the operational, commercial and quality issues are both complex and numerous. (CLEAN would be only too happy to discuss these with you). A pool linen service has significant advantages over these two other options.

Quality and cost are two of the most important considerations for hoteliers. This article briefly looks at why a pool linen service creates improvements in quality and provides significant cost efficiencies.

The quality of a pool service is built around four key parameters:

  1. Quality and suitability of the linen ensuring it is ‘fit for purpose’ and manufactured to a specification that meets the requirements of a pool service. (It should be noted that different levels of quality of pool linen are available. CLEAN provide pool linen ranging from standard 120 thread count linen and 450gsm towelling through to percale linen and 600 gsm luxury towelling).
  2. Strong QA procedures within the laundry process – these will include an effective ‘ragging’ procedure for the removal of damaged stock and the effective identification and treatment of badly soiled linen.
  3. Good linen management by the hotels – minimising linen abuse, good circulation of stock, safe and hygienic storage of linen, effective use of any agreed ‘reject’ process.
  4. Continuous investment by the laundry company in new stock and pool stock replenishment.

CLEAN ensures the pool linen quality we provide meets a specified commercial quality designed to provide a high standard product at all times. To maintain the consistency, reliability and longevity of our products, we work closely with our partner mills, ensuring all items are designed and constructed to demanding specifications, so the quality is maintained wash after commercial wash.

Our sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover fabrics undergo stringent finishing processes to minimise shrinkage and our high- tech laundry processes guarantee a consistent and scientifically controlled whiteness. All our towels are robustly constructed with details like twin stitching on the hems to create longevity. Our Isabella range of 600gsm towels provides the luxury feel your guest expect. Our stringent quality control will ensure linen that has passed its best will be replaced with new stock.

Our bed linen sheeting is a generously sized (typically 10% larger than standard pool stock) and a pool service means the hotel can readily adopt and utilise different size linen to cater for different bed/mattress sizes or changes to room/bed configurations. Pool linen service gives you the reassurance that the quality of your bed and table linen will be of a consistent high standard at all times and that you have the flexibility to meet future changes.

Cost is the other most important consideration for hotels. The adoption of a pool linen service means there is no need to make significant capital purchases of either linen or ‘on premises’ laundry equipment. The constant technological advances within the laundry sector make it very difficult and expensive for an individual hotel to keep up with the latest innovations. The required maintenance of such equipment, the health and safety requirements and the training of staff can be a significant financial drain on a hotel’s resources. Another important consideration is the additional space that an on-site laundry takes up. A more effective use would be to increase facilities and services available to hotel guests improving their overall experience and increase profitability.

The introduction of a managed pool linen service will save a hotel’s house-keeping and administration staff valuable time spent in dealing with inventory management and linen purchasing. CLEAN’s Streamline system is a revolution in hotel linen management, working on the principal of supplying linen on a managed basis to minimise housekeeping effort. The system means there is no need to submit daily soiled counts, thus reducing administration and saving time. Streamline calculates next week(s) delivery schedule to ensure it is in line with recent usage and your current linen room shelf stock. A buffer helps prevent stock issues becoming critical and full visibility of quantities being delivered is available. Streamline is proven to cut out waste and reduce costs.

In conclusion pool linen service offers significant benefits and will ensure that hotels receive the consistent high quality linen their guests expect. The combination of the latest equipment, products, technologies and processes mean that the pool linen service will help to achieve the main objective of all hotels – a great guest experience and an efficient and profitable business model.

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