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Why companies should rent workwear rather than buy direct

Posted on Nov 30, 2021

We look at the many benefits your business could enjoy from renting workwear from a leading provider of workwear rental and laundry services.

Why companies should rent workwear rather than buy direct - News - CLEAN Services

Many businesses choose to provide uniforms or specialist workwear to project a smart corporate image and protect their staff from hazards at work. For those looking to create a branded look, this may involve selecting bespoke colours and embroidering or embossing the garments with company logos or employee names. It can be difficult to decide whether to buy these items direct or to rent them through a specialist service like CLEAN.


Unlike purchasing uniform, renting corporate garments gives you the choice to increase or decrease the number of items you use as the number of employees in your workforce changes. This gives you options to, for example, start with branded uniforms for your client facing staff only and then add specific workwear for your back-office staff as you see fit. Alternatively, this flexibility allows you to manage uniforms across a fluctuating workforce. Renting and outsourcing the management of garments means that it is easier for you to maintain control of uniforms and minimise the risk of losses as contracts end and staff leave.

Naturally your workforce may change, and therefore the sizes of garments required will also fluctuate. A rental service will give you the freedom to upsize or downsize garments as required, without impacting your fixed costs or requiring you to manage garment ordering and lead times.


To protect employees, businesses often need to source garments that are fire retardant, anti-static, hi-visibility or even specifically tailored for a particular job – such as a chef’s jacket or an ARC boiler suit. It is essential for employee well-being – and employer liability – that these important items of clothing are fit for purpose and, as such, many are assured and tested to national or international standards. Renting garments from a well-established specialist with the experience and contacts to source high-quality products gives you the reassurance that all your uniforms are fit for purpose. All the workwear rented from CLEAN is health and safety compliant, with specialist protective clothing manufactured and tested to the relevant European and American standards. Additionally, managing the quality of those garments through a laundry and maintenance service means you can be confident of their continued suitability for the job.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are more conscious than ever of the need for thorough and effective cleaning and decontamination, which includes the transmission risks associated with clothing and workwear. These items will need to be washed regularly using a thorough laundry process that guarantees disinfection – which a commercial laundry service can do much more effectively than a domestic washing machine - and this can take its toll on garments. By renting workwear and uniforms you can be confident that the quality of the product will stand up to rigorous cleaning methods. Although CLEAN garments are designed to last, any reasonable wear and tear will be repaired as part of the laundry process with no additional outlay or admin required from you. And, on the rare occasion that a garment needs to be replaced, we will always consult on the most cost-effective way to ensure a replacement.

Cost Effective

It may feel that buying and managing workwear in house is a cheaper option but, in fact, renting workwear and managing it through a workwear laundry service can prove far more cost effective in the long run. Renting workwear and uniforms means there is no large initial outlay. And, in a partnership with a business such as CLEAN, you will have the option of a fully serviced package where garments are collected, laundered, and repaired as necessary – ensuring that they last as long as possible and always look smart and well-maintained. By putting your stock management in the hands of a specialist such as CLEAN you will have full visibility of the ongoing costs of your staff uniforms and won’t need to manage the administration or deal with the cost drain of buying new uniforms for new staff. Simply rent your garments and you can enjoy the peace of mind that consistent costs and a high level of service brings your business.

CLEAN provide bespoke workwear and uniform rental services across the UK. Regardless of the size or location of your business, we can help you source and manage the garments you need.

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