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Why over 5,500 businesses chose CLEAN

Posted on Apr 15, 2018

Since our establishment in 1886, we’ve strived to be the best textile services provider to the hospitality industry.

To do this, we know we must offer nothing less than an efficient, quality service to all our customers and work with like-minded suppliers while looking after each of our employees in every corner of the business.

Why over 5,500 businesses chose CLEAN - News - CLEAN Services

Here is why over 5,500 hospitality business chose CLEAN as their linen provider:

Continuous innovation

In an industry that’s constantly evolving, we ensure that we’re always developing and implementing the latest cutting-edge technology and processes. This ethos is applied across all aspects of the business, from our customer services management to our fleet of 145 vehicles.

Our latest innovations include:

  • Building a world-class 42,000 sq. ft. super laundry in Slough with the very latest Kannegiesser machinery. We’ve introduced an array of features to the laundry, such as heat recovery systems and energy efficient dryers, to significantly increase energy savings and support our sustainability efforts
  • Introducing radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology into our linen stock and laundries, allowing us to track items and monitor customer stock levels to ensure they are never left with an insufficient amount of linen
  • Moving all of our IT provisions to NetSuite – a cloud-based software that allows us to manage customer relationships – increasing our efficiency and enabling us to operate consistently
  • Implementing new vehicle tracking software, VeriLocation, which allows our teams to precisely inform customers where a delivery is, when to expect it or whether it has already been made

First-class customer service

Laundry service is the second largest investment for hospitality companies behind wages, so it’s vital that we provide a reliable, high-quality service to each of our customers. As well as our innovations into tracking and stock management software, we offer a range of training opportunities to housekeeping teams focused on providing education on new products and methods that can be employed to increase operational efficiency. Each customer is allocated a dedicated account manager, who is on hand to organise schedules, answer questions and deal with changes in the demand.

Development of best practice

To ensure reliability and service continuity is maintained at all times, we’ve put in place a range of processes and risk management procedures to efficiently address any issues to ensure our high standards of service are preserved. These include full emergency business continuity procedures, dual-fuel facilities within the sites, alternative water supplies as well as IT backup systems.

We work in partnership with our customers to maintain a two-way dialogue to ensure any issues are addressed promptly, and the hotel benefits fully from the service provided.

The locations of our seven laundries and route optimisation are also key parts of our service. If one of our sites experiences an unexpected spike during a peak operating period, another site can seamlessly meet the additional demand with little to no impact on the customer.

Quality products

From luxury five-star hotels to accessible accommodation, we service businesses of all shapes and sizes so it’s imperative to provide a range of products to fit everyone.

With this in mind, we’ve launched a three-range-strong white linen collection that allows our customers to take a ‘pick and mix’ approach to create a bespoke solution that fits the precise requirements and budget of the business. Each of our products have been ethically and personally sourced by our Chief Executive Officer, who visits the mills supplying the raw cotton to guarantee it reaches CLEAN’s high and exacting standards.

CLEAN’s collection includes the ‘Lucia’ – a budget-friendly selection of 130 thread-count bed linen, towels and bath mats; ‘Isabella’ – bed linen available in a range of designs and thread counts as well as bath mats and towels; and ‘Oria’ – CLEAN’s premium selection of bed linen used in luxury hotels with up to 350-thread count linen. Each of the ranges are of a standard to comfortably withstand the commercial laundry process without impacting on the quality.

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