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With spring comes special occasions

Posted on May 03, 2016

With spring here and summer just around the corner there’s a whole host of events coming up that have event organisers, venues and hotels reaching for the linen cupboard…

With spring comes special occasions - News - CLEAN Services

From Wimbledon and Henley Regatta to weddings and corporate summer parties the need for Special Occasion Linen increases at certain times of the year, the warmer, brighter months being one of them.

Whatever the event, tableware provides a multitude of options to set the tone and colour, texture and quality all contribute to how a space feels and looks. An event planner might want colours that fit in with their customers’ brand identity or perhaps something that will create an aura of excitement, tranquillity or opulence. The use of red, for example, can create a sense of grandeur whereas blue might contribute to feelings of reliability. A common linen colour for wedding table sets is white which is associated with feelings of purity and safety.

It doesn't have to be plain whit when it comes to wedding table settings

Many restaurants don’t use table cloths whatsoever as the furniture has been specially chosen to complement the space and brand. However, most four and five star hotels and event venues use table linen to add an element of luxury to the dining space, setting a canvas for the food and décor.

When special events take place, such as weddings, award ceremonies, fashion shows and sporting events, tableware is a must. Event planners are sometimes required to hire tables for these types of events to cater for increased numbers and the hired tables might be different in shape, quality and condition to the venue’s existing furniture. This is where tableware comes into its own as a device to offer conformity throughout a space in terms of style, quality, colour and design.

Here we combine our Vanilla, Crunchy and Boat on the Med colours to great effect

Guests paying good money to be in a restaurant or to attend an event expect every element of the experience to meet the same premium standard, including the tableware. Used cleverly and effectively it can enhance a room’s ambience by adding the ‘wow’ factor to a space or can be simple and subtle, depending on your customer’s requirements.

Here we mix Snowball with Summer Lavinder to create a classy subtle table setting

However, it’s not all about appearance, durability is also an important factor. F&B managers and event organisers who use a good linen rental service will be primarily concerned with appearance as the quality will have already been carefully considered by the supplier. The quality control systems we have in place here at CLEAN ensure customers receive high quality linen every time because we simply don’t stock items that we wouldn’t want to see ourselves.

TOP TIP: One of the most important considerations to take into account when arranging linen is the shading. If the linen shading is not consistent across an event it will be immediately obvious and will seriously reduce the ambience within the room.

Now, in the grand scheme of event organising the linen is such a small part to think of which is why CLEAN’s Special Occasion Linen service employs specialist coordinators who are on-hand to help customers find the perfect solution.

With over 30 Solid Colours to choose from you can make any occasion special

If you’ve got an event coming up and you’d like to speak to specialists within the linen sector then please give our friendly team at Special Occasion Linen a call on 0800 652 2205, alternatively you can visit the Special Occasion Linen website.

Mike Hill
Managing Director (Channel Markets)

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